Music History-Boyd Hudgens

Boyd’s first banjo was a 4-String tenor banjo. Boyd’s grandfather knew a man at Allen’s Chapel that played the  tenor banjo. It was considered a plectrum banjo, similar to those played claw hammer style.  Boyd did not care for that style of playing but eventually played one during his days with Joe Julian & J.T.  Bryan at the Fairgrounds in Paris, TX. There Boyd met another musician, Roy Free, that encouraged him to play the five-string banjo. Boyd eventually got his hands on a five-string banjo during a centennial celebration in Honey Grove.  At the end of the celebration, Boyd drove his 69 Mustang to Petty, TX and sat on Roy Free’s front porch until it was time for him to go back home to 908 North 14th Street, Honey Grove Texas. Boyd went on to win contests at East Texas State University and at Bill Grant’s Bluegrass Festival, where he  won the Champion Trophy. Boyd has the trophy in his music studio at Stringbender Music.