30 Years and Still Pickin’

In 2006, after 30 years, the band decided to record some of their favorite music for posterity.  They ventured to Siesta Ranch Studio in deep East Texas and spent three days camped there.  Thanks to Mike Erwin and his fine motor home, several of the guys stayed there and Randy Simmons put the rest  of the guys up in his studio.  On Monday, Lanny Milton came in and added the final vocals to the work.  Track 1 is an original song written by Gary (with a little help from the rest of the band) as we had breakfast on Saturday morning.  It musically sums up the history of the Bois d’Arc Bottom Band!



  1. Boys In The Band
  2. Fire On The Mountain
  3. Only Daddy
  4. Big Blue Diamond
  5. Trudy
  6. Dim Lights
  7. Houston
  8. Tequila Sunrise
  9. Have A Dream On Me
  10. Till I’m The Only One
  11. Fraulein
  12. Endless Search (Gary Moreland original recorded in 1977)
  13. It’s You (Gary Moreland original recorded in 1977)
  14. Back In LA (Gary Moreland original recorded in 1977)