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Ray Price – RIP December 16, 2013

Ray Price has always been one of our favorite singers. In February of 2009, several BBB members got to meet Mr. Price during the production of “Hank Williams – Lost Highway” at TAMU-Commerce.  As we discussed country music and Hank Williams with him, he encouraged us to continue playing the traditional country music and not let it die. Shown in the picture are BBB members Gary Moreland, Kelly Connell and Boyd Hudgens, along with Jim Tyler Anderson and other members of the Lost Highway cast.RayEncourages

New Instrumental

Boyd Hudgens has written a new banjo instrumental under the inspiration of his wife, Debbie.  As the story goes, Boyd was sitting on his front porch, honing his banjo skills, when he heard an interesting sound coming from the bushes around the corner.  What made the sound so interesting to Boyd was that it was in perfect time!  He began to improvise to the beat and continued playing the new tune over and over.  All of a sudden the sound from the bushes stopped and Debbie appeared with her pruning shears.  She asked Boyd, “What is that tune you’re playing.  I’ve never heard you play that before.  I like it!”  Boyd said, “Well, I heard the sound you were making with those pruning shears and just started playing along with ’em!”  After going over the tune several times to refine it, Debbie came up with a name for the tune that seemed appropriate…”Snippin’ Around”.

Gospel Music Project

The band has been contemplating recording a new CD for a couple of years now.  Since the band will soon be 40 years old, they thought that it’s about time to head to the studio again…and this time record some of their favorite Gospel tunes.  They’ve already come up with a preliminary list of songs and would like your input also!  If you are not registered with this site, do so, then leave your comments on this project.  Let us know what your favorite Gospel song is and we’ll consider putting it on the CD.  Again, that’s if we actually make this all happen!