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Harry’s Huntin’ Techniques

This picture was taken on a safari recently taken by our lead guitar player, Haary Robsun. When interviewed by Wild Game magazine about the dangers involved in such a remote area, he replied… ” I always wanted to hunt HOISS APPUL with nuthin’ but a stik. I kilt dis one from about 3 feet out. I spent about two days stalk in’ it and learning it’s habits. I already have two mounts in my den. I fount dem at a guhroige sale in Lubbock.” WILD GAME reporter, Les Pole, asked Haary what he might hunt next and Harry replied ” uh place to take uh nap”.

The Metal Work of Gary Moreland


I went out to my shop and this dude was settin’ there pickin’ some mean steel geetar. He said “Hey, can you help me find the Big B?” I said you mean the Big E?” He said no, the Big B!! He said ” The Big B gota lotta Big E in him”. I said, “Heck I been knowin’ that for years. I said “I’ll just take you to him”. He said thanks pard, I’d appreciate that.” So, there ya go. Another adventure in the life of BW and G.